About us

Project Change is a youth/adult partnership organization dedicated to promoting positive youth development through leadership experiences, meaningful community service, the performing arts, and safe social activities.

OUR VISION: Youth shape their futures and improve their communities through service and leadership.


•Positive youth development is the key to a safe and healthy community
•Effective partnerships are built on trust, consensus, and a collective belief in a common purpose
•Giving back is a civic responsibility



  • PROJECT CHANGE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
  • Leadership of PROJECT CHANGE is shared by teens and adults
  • All PROJECT CHANGE activities are adult-supervised


  • Teens who join PROJECT CHANGE benefit in some or all of the following ways:
    • Gaining leadership experience
    • Learning new skills
    • Beginning a life-long commitment to community service
    • Making a difference in their community
    • Forming connections with community leaders (who may serve as college and/or employment references)
    • Achieving a greater understanding of the work that goes into sustaining a community
    • Developing greater empathy for other people and their circumstances
    • Having fun in safe, teen-planned and adult-supervised activities
    • Earning Student Service Learning credits



  • Helene Rosenheim, Chair
  • Jeff Stinhelfer, Vice Chair

  • Thomas McCarthy

  • Tom Stevens

  • Anthony DeCicco

    Soma Ganesh

Student Members

    • Lallo Yadeta
    • Thorin Erb


        Executive Director

        Robyn Holstein-Glass